Karate for self-defence

The techniques of RISHINJUKU KARATE are effective. “Muchimi” is the core of Rishinjuku karate. It is the correct usage of a muscle chain consisting out of the hip flexors (including iliopsoas) and the muscles on the shoulder blade. Your body then moves smoothly like a whip, which is also the Japanese meaning of “Muchimi” or “whip body.” Once you understand this, your athletic ability increases dramatically. Everyone, regardless of age, can use this to greatly improve their effectiveness in striking.

If you want self-confidence then you have to train in effective techniques. Feeling mentally and physically safe brings you at peace. Victims of attacks have already been able to defend themselves well with karate. This is the SFDOJO philosophy that connects self-defense (Selfdefense) and the fight (Fighting).


“I never thought beforehand what these lessons could mean for me.
Thanks to self-defense class, I feel much more confident and able to deal with violence. It is also more important that I know how to prevent a situation so that it does not escalates to violence. Someone recently became aggressive towards me and I knew exactly what to do. Although I received a few hits, I was not hurt at all.”

Self-defense is, for me and my family with two daughters, the core of karate. Self-defense is making sure that you, your family and your friends get to a safe place.

Karate was originally for self-defense. It was practiced by the aristocracy and bodyguards of the king of Ryukyu, present-day Okinawa, Japan. The self-defense techniques of karate are simple and effective.

Check your ‘ego’, the cause of many conflicts. If you can, walk away. But that is not always an option. You cannot leave your 7-year-old child with a sprint if you are attacked. Then you must defend you both. If you want self-confidence then you must train in effective techniques of Rishinjuku karate.

Competitions to learn from

TATSUJIN means “expert” in Japanese. The TATSUJIN competitions of Rishinjuku, as in the video, are open to all martial arts and are based on the old karate ‘challenge matches’. Boxing, kicking, elbows, knee strikes, head butts, kicks to the groin, throws, and ground techniques such as chokes and joint locks are allowed.

We can learn a lot from the experts who venture into this. This approach can be compared to Formula 1 where the knowledge of professionals is used to make cars safer. The Rishinjuku experts develop safe training methods based on their experiences. That is why we can train safely and know what we train works for self-defense and the fight in competitions.