Karate techniques are very efficient in combat sports such as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). We approach our training from karate techniques for the standing part. On the ground we work on submissions that are the most statistically significant.

Naihanchi kata, karate and MMA

Competitions are not for everyone, but we can learn a lot from them. Competitions are laboratories where certain techniques can be tested under pressure. There are several karatekas who became world champions in MMA: Chuck Liddell, George St-Pierre, Ryo Chonan, Bas Rutten, Katsunori Kikuno, Nobutatsu Suzuki, Lyoto Machida, … I even had the chance to train with these last 4 karate masters/MMA fighters. In the video you first see the Naihanchi kata that forms the basis of our Rishinjuku karate style.

Message from Katsunori Kikuno, MMA champion in the DEEP organization, to SFDOJO members: 空手を愛し、空手を信じ、空手を楽しんで一緒に強くなりましょう!

“Love karate, believe in karate, enjoy karate and let’s get strong together!”