I believe that everyone should  be able to feel mentally and physically safe and strong.

The world is my dojo.  I lived in Nigeria, Belgium, U.S.A., Italy, Australia and Japan.  I have been involved with martial arts since the age of nine.  I started first with Judo, and then went to train in many different karate styles like Shito Ryu (Belgium), Shotokan (Italy), Goju Ryu (Okinawa), and Ashihara karate (Japan).  I further trained in Kudo/Daido Juku (Australia), Shorinji Kempo and Aikido (Japan), and Taichi (Australia).  I also trained in weapon styles like Okinawan Kobudo (Okinawa), Iaido and Naginata (both Japan).

My interest in the Japanese culture resulted in my finishing my Master’s degree in Japanese studies at the KULeuven with a thesis on karate.  The Japanese Ministry of Education sponsored my further research on karate history and stay in Japan at the International Budo University.

Although I have certain physical limitations, I strive to the best version of myself.  My personal experience and continued research in the Japanese language on the Japanese martial arts has allowed me to see many common principles that govern these arts, which I will share with those who come to train at SF DOJO vzw.

– Filip Swennen


Recommendation by Andrei Sîrbu, PhD

“Enthusiasm in sports and self-development carried me through numerous training principles and methods of improvement. Still, I have yet to experience another training package as complete as martial arts. SF DOJO met and overfulfilled my expectations with a well-rounded approach to martial arts and a valuable commitment to continuous learning. Therefore, I found that it teaches more than an approach to sports – an approach to life. It pays respect to the traditional methods of training and encourages progress through variety. I have improved my self-defense, conflict management, fighting, discipline, balance, knowledge, body posture, overall fitness and more. Today I am looking forward to further grow and add to this my learning from SFDOJO.”

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