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Banhagestraat 75, 3052 Blanden

Herent (FitForYou) : Mechelsesteenweg 763B, 3020 Herent


Physically disabled welcome

All trainings are open to those with physical disabilities.  Specific training for those with disabilities will take place with support of the KVG



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Filip Swennen is responsible for G-karate Vlaams-Brabant

G-karate Vlaams-BrabantG-karate vlaanderen (rood)




What we train

We train in Japanese martial arts at SF DOJO vzw.  The approach in training is unique in its focus on Self defense & Fighting.  The techniques and training methods are derived from both Full Contact Karate styles as traditional Japanese and Okinawan styles, with elements of judo, shorinji kempo, and kudo/daido juku added.  Although competition is a useful tool for testing certain techniques under pressure, it is not our objective to train for competition.


Subjects and My Teachers

  • punching, distance control, sweeps, hand traps, and hip usage (Jos Robert, Belgium)
  • kicks and angling (Fujioka Isaoa and  Koya Urabe, Japan)
  • All-round full contact sparring approach (Alberto Bofelli, Italy and Kudo Daido Juku of Sato Kunihisa and Alexei Kononenko, Australia)
  • self-defense applications (Patrick McCarthy)
  • Combative psychology from British bouncers with a karate background
  • Strength and Conditioning (Hokama Tetsuhiro, Okinawa)
  • All with the intention of becoming a better human through disciplining oneself physically and mentally while providing a safer environment for those around you.


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